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A Few Words About Us

Michael FurgiueloWhen I started this company I new that I wanted the company name to mean something to me instead of Mike's HVAC and plumbing or any of the other multitude of thoughtless names. I thought about what was important to me. And my grandfather, whom I had spent so much time with when I was growing up, came to mind over and over. He had given me a lot of love and taught me a lot about life. I never had the chance to thank him  before he passed. So in tribute and thanks to my grandfather Emilio, I named my company EMILICO HVAC & PLUMBING. I never wanted to let my grandfather down so I believe naming the company after him has fueled the success we have enjoyed. When EMILICO finishes a job I want the customer to repeat our name to their family, friends and business associates so that his name may go on.

Why Emilico

There are many HVAC & plumbing contractors out there to choose from. What sets EMILICO apart from the rest is the quality of service, professionalism and a genuine understanding that our customers want to feel that we treat their project as if it were our own. We are dedicated to providing the lowest possible price, and a level of customer satisfaction second to none. From start to finish of any project, communication with our customers is the key to a successful ending. We want to build a long standing relationship with our customers so that when a HVAC or plumbing project arises there is no question who to call. Our customer reviews speak volumes to this philosophy.